Guest Post — Tara Tyler’s Pop Travel


I got a special treat today — a guest post by Tara Tyler about her new book, Pop Travel. It looks like the best kind of nifty high concept sci-fi. Please check out Tara’s description below:

Hi! I’m Tara Tyler. Michael and I have traded places for Author Exchange Day! I am very excited to be here and tell you all 7 fantastic facts about my techno-thriller, Pop Travel!


1.  The future of technology! Pop Travel Teleportation overtakes flying. Airports transform into Travelports, sending you across the globe in seconds!

2.  More technology! – Don’t you hate it when you misplace your smart phone? Wouldn’t you like to see where your teen is really calling you from? Well, in the future we will wear a QV on our wrists. QV = quarknet viewer, a faster version of the internet that projects a 3D holographic image – really reach out and touch someone!

3.  Travel the world! – Your popping adventure begins at a historic Southern plantation, to the busy streets of Mumbai, India, and the modernized city of Canberra, Australia. Just watch out for the bad guys popping up right after!

4.  Watch your back! – Web cams are everywhere for the authorities to commandeer at their own discretion. Better watch out, better not cry…

5.  No problem – Main character Cooper won’t let anything stand in his way – not the mysterious enemy threatening his brother and watching his every move, nor the inept hit man on his trail, not even his pop anxiety.

6.  Sho nuff! – Femme fatale FBI agent Geri Harper tempts Cooper to distract and dissuade him from his mission.

7.  Time to blur! – Super genius Hasan Rakhi, the quirky celebrity Creator of Pop Travel, adds his own complications before he will help Cooper expose the deadly problem.


I hope you enjoyed these enticing appetizers from Pop Travel. Here are the details:


Tara Tyler started out as a math teacher. After gaining experience in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering, and living up and down the Eastern US, she now writes and teaches in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. In addition to her novels, she has published short stories and poetry in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, and Humor. So many stories to tell!


Pop Travel by Tara Tyler

A tale of deception and teleportation.

Cooper thought he could make it through life without having to pop-teleport. Now he has to take his chances using pop travel to escape the maniacs covering up its deadly flaw and expose it before he disappears.


Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Goodreads  <==>  Trailer  <==>  FB Author Page

Oh, and Tara was gracious enough to let me post about Dinosaur Dust on her page. Check it out here:

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8 Responses to Guest Post — Tara Tyler’s Pop Travel

  1. tara tyler says:

    thanks for having me over, michael! this was fun!

  2. Fida says:

    Awesome 7 things!! I would love to travel anywhere, anytime (:

  3. Hi Tara and Michael,
    Great idea!

  4. Fantastic post, Tara! I’m halfway through POP TRAVEL and loving it.

  5. No more airplanes? Count me in! An author exchange is a great idea.

  6. tara tyler says:

    Thanks you guys! Michael was a gracious host!

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