The Panusher’s First Blog Post

Hello there — I’m Michael Panush and this is the place for news about my various writing projects, assorted internet bric-a-brac that I enjoy and my thoughts on various subjects. Oh and a quick note: this is re-posted from my tumblr. Sorry for that, but the story of my nickname remains the same no matter what.

Let’s start with the history of my nickname — the Panusher. It first appeared in high school when I worked in the school newspaper. I didn’t particularly mind it. I am, perhaps, the most Un-Frank Castle of people but the name seemed a natural fit. The Panusher stayed dormant during my years in college but afterwards, when I joined up with City Year and went to work at a middle school, it reared its head once more. The middle schoolers started calling me ‘Panusher’ and then my co-workers took up the call. One student tried to change my moniker to ‘Panini’ (which I also would have liked. Paninis are some of my favorite foods) but that didn’t stick. Soon every time I would walk into a room, I would be greeted with cries of ‘The Panusher!’ As a big fan of Garth Ennis’s Punisher comics (I think his Punisher MAX series is right up there with Preacher as his greatest work, thus putting it in the running for the greatest work) I was honored to accept the name. The seminal rapper Big Pun only increased my admiration for the nickname the world has chosen for me. (Maybe I could call myself Big Pan for short? No, that sounds awful.)

  So, will there be Punishment in this blog? Probably not. Will there be Panushment? There certainly will be.

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